Compiled Queries in LINQ to Entities c#


How do or can we compile queries in LINQ to Entities?

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Mad Maddy
Asked on: Jan 31, 2012 at 10:16PM

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The CompiledQuery class provides compilation and caching of queries for reuse. Conceptually, this class contains a CompiledQuery's Compile method with several overloads. Call the Compile method to create a new delegate to represent the compiled query. The Compile methods, provided with a ObjectContext and parameter values, return a delegate that produces some result (such as an IQueryable instance). The query compiles once during only the first execution. The merge options set for the query at the time of the compilation cannot be changed later. Once the query is compiled you can only supply parameters of primitive type but you cannot replace parts of the query that would change the generated SQL. For more information, see Entity Framework Merge Options and Compiled Queries

The following example compiles and then invokes a query that accepts a Decimal input parameter and returns a sequence of orders where the total due is greater than or equal to $400.00:

static readonly Func<AdventureWorksEntities, Decimal, IQueryable> s_compiledQuery2 = 
CompiledQuery.Compile<AdventureWorksEntities, Decimal, IQueryable>(
(ctx, total) => from order in ctx.SalesOrderHeaders
where order.TotalDue >= total
select order);

static void CompiledQuery2()
using (AdventureWorksEntities context = new AdventureWorksEntities())
Decimal totalDue = 200.00M;

IQueryable orders = s_compiledQuery2.Invoke(context, totalDue);

foreach (SalesOrderHeader order in orders)
Console.WriteLine("ID: {0}  Order date: {1} Total due: {2}",
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Gokul A
Answered on: Jan 31, 2012 at 10:22PM

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