How to print Html page with image using Jquery


My application is in MVC3 coded in C#.Net, I have a certain view with the requirement to print the complete Html of a div in that view.


    My table data

Im trying the following code but not working

 var w =;

Also i have tried using the jquery printElement.js


And Also
I have also tried setting the Image as the background of the

There is not any issue in printing the Html page, but the issue is the image is not getting displayed in all the three methods tried above. Using plug-In is out of scope of my application. I want to print the entire HTML that is available in the Div with the ID=Printable_Div
Is there any solution to display the image in the print as well.

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Ehtesham Siddiqui
Asked on: May 08, 2013 at 4:21PM

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